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Monday, April 26, 2010

Help for Haiti (UPDATED)

Barbara DiTommaso, Director of the Commission on Peace and Justice, recently sent the following e-mail, which we share with you:
Dear Friend of Haiti,

Enough folks have wanted to do something hands-on for Haiti, in addition to monetary donations, that I’m organizing a 40’ cargo container of humanitarian aid (or possibly two 20’ containers).

[Below] is a list of the things that have been requested by the Peasant Association of Fondwa. The highest priority now is building materials so earthquake victims who are homeless will have protection when hurricane season starts in June.

I’m looking for storage space where donations can be deposited until it’s time to pack and ship (hopefully May 22).

Do you have room in your cellar, garage, or possibly even in your home? What would be most helpful is drop-off points in various locations, such as the Glens Falls/Saratoga area, Schenectady/Glenville/Scotia area, Amsterdam/Gloversville/Johnston, Hudson/Catskill, Troy/Latham and Albany/Delmar/Rensselaer.

Whether you can offer space or not, would you please forward this request to someone who might?

Mesi anpil (Thanks very much),


Donations needed for Fondwa - clean, and in good condition - to fill a 40’ cargo container

(Please contact the Commission on Peace and Justice before sending the italicized items, as only a few are needed: or 518-453-6695)

Plywood, 2 x 4s, wood for benches (Haiti is deforested, so lumber is precious), corrugated tin, crusher to grind rubble to the size of reusable gravel

Carpenter’s, mechanic’s, & farmer’s hand tools: scaffolding, hammers, saws, screw drivers, pliers, hoes, shovels, pick axes, wheelbarrows

Hardware: nails, screws, hinges, large padlocks, doorknobs, sockets, switches, solar flashlights, AA, B, C, D alkaline batteries

Walkie-talkies that can be used at a distance of at least 2 miles (rechargeable or solar), security flashlights & wand metal detectors for watchmen

Laptop & desktop computers, flash drives, office supplies (including toner), 2 copiers

Backpacks, spiral notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, rulers, colored pencils, drawing paper, colored paper, children’s scissors, paste, chalk, chalkboard, world & western hemisphere maps, soccer balls, basketballs & hoops

Rice, dried beans, cooking oil, spaghetti, tuna, sardines, tomato paste, sugar, flour, peanut butter, powdered milk, infant formula for orphans

Cooking pots, pans, utensils (not non-stick), can openers, large bowls; stainless steel eating utensils

Vegetable seeds: soybean, okra, eggplant, kale, carrots, beets, squash, lettuce, tomato (esp. Roma), green beans, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower

Buckets, 5-gallon water jugs, empty drums, plastic totes with lids for storage

Cots, sheets, blankets, pillow cases, towels, washcloths, umbrellas, plastic ponchos, rubber boots (not winter), work gloves, tents, tarps