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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Catholics urge UN leaders to follow Pope Francis

More than 60 Catholic organizations from around the world have issued a statement urging leaders at the United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference to follow Pope Francis' leadership in reaching a prophetic final agreement.
“The science is clear,” they wrote, adding that “an extractive, unsustainable economy, fueled by fossil fuels, is causing the climate crisis that's destroying God's creation and harming the most vulnerable among us the most, those who have done little to cause the crisis.”
Signatories include representatives of Franciscans International; the Bishops of England and Wales; the Catholic Climate Covenant; GreenFaith; Irish Episcopal Conference; Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns; Missionary Society of St. Columban; Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Justice Team; and the Sisters of Charity. 
“We owe it to our poorest sisters and brothers, future generations, and all of God's creation to seize this historic opportunity,” the statement noted. “In 2015, Pope Francis wrote in Laudato Si’ that fossil fuels need ‘to be progressively replaced without delay.’ Now, in 2021, we have reached a decisive moment. We must reach an agreement in Glasgow that sets a clear and ambitious timeline for a just transition away from harmful fossil fuels. Setting out such a pathway is an essential step to accelerating investment in a clean energy future for all.”
He entire statement, along with a list of signatories, is here.

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