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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Action Alert

The New York State Catholic Conference has issued the following Action Alert:
Stop the Statute of Limitations Bill
Senate committee considers bill to bring new suits against churches and schools

A bill in the NYS Senate would open up the civil statute of limitations for decades-old claims of sexual abuse against both public and private entitites. The bill would have a devastating impact on the Catholic Church and other churches, as well as on public schools and municipalities. The bill would allow people to bring lawsuits that are potentially more than 50 years old. It can be expected to result in billions of dollars of claims against public schools, counties and towns, wreaking havoc on budgets and causing property taxes to skyrocket. In addition, it will severely impact the ministries of any not-for-profit organization that has dealt with minors over the past half century, including the Catholic Church and its programs and schools. The Senate Codes Committee is considering this bill this Tuesday, February 9. Please contact Sen. Neil D. Breslin, who sits on this committee. Go HERE to send a prewritten, editable message, asking Sen. Neil D. Breslin to vote no on S.5893!