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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Resources for peace in Gaza

Earlier this week, I wrote in my blog about how the American bishops have called for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. Today, by way of Pax Christi USA, I offer the following resources for prayer, study and action to stop the violence in Gaza. They include:

    - Pax Christi USA official statement on the violence in the Middle East;
    - A catalog of resources from across the Pax Christi International network;
    - Middle East Notes on Israel-Palestine from the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns;
    - Third Thursday for Israel-Palestine actions from the Faith Forum on Middle East Policy;
    - A Prayer for Peace and an End to Violence, by Jim Hug, S.J;.
    - A Muslim-Jewish-Christian Prayer for Peace Prayer Card;
    - The Holy Land Principles – A powerful tool for justice and peace, by Tony Magliano;
    - Other articles, resources on Israel-Palestine.

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