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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bishops address casino gambling vote

The Catholic Bishops of New York State have issued a statement about the upcoming vote on casino gambling. Speaking as "pastors and citizens," they note that a study commissioned by the Connecticut Division of Special Revenue on the economic and social impact of Indian casinos in the state, found:
that while the casinos did boost employment and revenues, they also resulted in serious numerous negative consequences in the areas near the casinos and for individuals. These included a 400 percent increase in embezzlement arrests, a doubling of DWI arrests, and an increase in substandard and illegal housing for undocumented workers. Of the problem gamblers studied in the report, 62 percent gambled until their last dollar was gone. Personal bankruptcies in areas where the state’s two Indian casinos are located were more than 10 percent higher than the national norm in seven of the 10 years after the casinos were built. We must ask, will the presence of casinos forever change the character of areas like Saratoga Springs, the Catskill Mountains and the Southern Tier?

The entire statement is here.

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