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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A bottled water-free zone

Catholic News Service reports on this new development:
It was back in October 2010 that a group of students at John Paul II Collegiate in North Battleford began their journey to make their school a bottled water-free zone. Nearly two years later, their perseverance is having a significant impact: the school soon will become a bottled water free zone as new water refilling stations have been installed. It was after a presentation by Audrey and Clarence Briand, members of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, on the environmental and societal impacts of bottled water that a group of students felt compelled to act. "I thought it would be cool to take this on," Meghan Mercer said. The Briands were part of a campaign launched by CCODP to raise awareness of the growing trend to privatize water and the importance of countering that trend by drinking from public water sources whenever possible.
The entire story is here.