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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Prayer for Japan

A prayer for the quake victims, from the Catholic Medical Mission Board:
God, Thank You for Being Our Refuge and Strength in Times of Trouble.

God our Father,

In faith we acknowledge your care over us, your sons, daughters and children. In hope we trust in your divine providence of giving us wisdom and courage as we face challenges in life. We invoke your help and guidance during these difficult days of death and destruction.

Grant eternal peace to those who lost their lives. Embrace the children who died in their innocence. Help those who are hurt and cure those who are sick.

Encourage those who suffer the destruction of their homes and properties to once again stand up and rebuild their future.

Bless all those who extend their helping hands to those in need of food, shelter and clothing, who share their time, talents and resources with others.

Inspire more people to be men and women for their neighbors, convinced that the more they are for others, the taller they stand before you.

Keep our hearts, minds, and actions focused on the needs of those affected.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.

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