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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Saturday's shooting

Pax Christ is a Catholic peace group that was founded on the reconciliation of French and German Catholics following two world wars in which they had slaughtered each other by the millions. They have issued the following statement ion the wake of Saturday’s shooting in Tucson:
Respect for our shared humanity is at the heart of our proclamation of the power of nonviolence to transform enemies into friends. We believe in a God who calls us to respect all life, to care for all of our sisters and brothers, and to work for a world that reflects the message God’s son shared with us—a message of compassion, love, forgiveness, and peace with justice. Today, we pray for Rep. Giffords’ recovery, for the healing of those wounded in this tragic act, and for the consolation of the family and friends of the six who were killed—including a 9 year-old girl. And we pray too that this tragedy brings about a new era of civil and respectful dialogue in our national political conversation, where we recognize and honor the conscience and freedom of our opponents, and where our highest ideals—rather than our basest fears—govern how we speak to one another and how we portray each other.

To which we say, "Amen." The rest of the statement is here.