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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bishop Hubbard’s Holy Land Diary

Last month, Bishop Howard Hubbard was part of a 19-person delegation from the National Inter-Religious Leadership Initiative for Peace in the Middle East (NILI).

Organized in 2003, the NILI has brought together the leaders of more than 30 religious denominations in the United States (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) to work within these religious denominations and with the U.S. government to support presidential and congressional initiatives on the part of the U.S. governmental leaders for comprehensive, just and lasting Arab-Israeli/Palestinian peace.

In this week’s Evangelist, Bishop Hubbard shared his diary of the delegation’s trip, noting:
It does not purport to provide a comprehensive picture of the present Israeli-Palestinian situation, but a summary of what we heard based upon the input and assessments of the individuals and organizations we had the opportunity to meet during this brief visit. Certainly, other perspectives would need to be heard to gain a complete picture.

Part One of the Bishop’s diary is here.