Peace & Justice

This is the blog of the Commission on Peace and Justice for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Building Peace with Justice

Building Peace with Justice is a brief, weekly bulletin reflection on Catholic social teaching written by members of a Rochester Diocese Public Policy sub-committee. Here are two reflections for September:

September 20, 2009

Today’s Gospel invites us to journey with Jesus in a spirit of humility and service to all. with special care for the most vulnerable. Children suffer most from war and conflict in our world. The UN reports that 1/3 of those killed or injured during the conflict in Gaza last year were children; many lost caregivers and siblings. Palestinian and Israeli children’s well being and mental health have been severely affected by the continuing conflict in the Holy Land. In his encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, Pope Benedict XVI teaches, “Peacebuilding requires the constant interplay of diplomatic contacts, economic, technological and cultural exchanges, agreements on common projects, as well as joint strategies to curb the threat of military conflict.”

Learn more about the underlying causes of the conflict in the Holy Land and how the U.S. Catholic community helps build peace through the work of Catholic Relief Services.

September 27, 2009

Underneath the somewhat gruesome remedies for sin and wrongdoing presented in this week’s readings, there is a powerful and simple message. Evil cannot prevail over good in any way whatsoever. There is no greater force than good. There is no more powerful way to act than through Jesus and the Spirit. Put no trust in anything else, it is of no use in the end.

Reflection: Take an inventory of what and who you are trusting in and depending on. Make sure your priorities and actions are rightly aligned with the mission of Jesus and your place as a conduit of God’s grace is secure.