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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bishops welcome President Obama's address on health care reform

Kathy Saile, Director of Domestic Social Development at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) stated:
"We agree that 'no one should go broke because they get sick. That's why the U.S. Bishops have worked for decades for decent health care for all. The Catholic Church provides health care for millions, purchases health care, picks up the pieces of a failing health system, and has a long tradition of teaching on ethics in health care. Health care reform that respects the life and dignity of all is a moral imperative and urgent national priority. We welcome the President's speech as an important contribution to this essential national debate and task."

Richard Doerflinger, Associate Director of Pro-Life Activities at the USCCB, said:
"We especially welcome the President's commitment to exclude federal funding of abortion, and to maintain existing federal laws protecting conscience rights in health care. We believe that incorporating essential and longstanding federal laws on these issues into any new proposal will strengthen support for health care reform. We will work with Congress and the Administration to ensure that these protections are clearly reflected in new legislation, so no one is required to pay for or take part in abortion as a result of health care reform."

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