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Monday, February 23, 2009

Lent approaches . . .

As we approach the Lenten season, let us think about what we can do for the poor of the world. Catholic Relief Services provides a list of suggestions, such as:
o Learn about how the issues of trade, aid and debt affect poor people around the world. Go to or to find background information and “action alerts” describing how you can act. Choose one issue and write an e-mail message to an elected official.

o Discuss the impact of extreme poverty with your friends and family. As you pray together, remember those living in extreme poverty and elected officials with the power to enact U.S. policy to combat poverty.

o Is the coffee you use at home “Fair Trade certified”? This certification means that the producers are part of a poverty alleviation program that guarantees workers a fair wage. Make a commitment to use Fair Trade coffee at home and encourage its use in other settings. Go to the Catholic Relief Services web site to learn more and to order Fair Trade coffee and chocolate.

o Ask your local grocery stores to sell Fair Trade certified goods. Adopt a local supermarket. Visit with the manager to discuss Fair Trade items. Invite parishioners to stop by and ask for the products as well. Visit for more ideas.
You can find more tips here.