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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Building Faithful Citizenship

Building Faithful Citizenship is a brief, weekly bulletin reflection on the U.S. Catholic Bishops' Document, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.

For Sunday Bulletins on November 9

You were a "faithful citizen"! You exercised prudential judgment. You may or may not be pleased with the various outcomes, but you voted conscientiously. Now you can take a deep breath, and wait for the next elections, right?

For "faithful citizens", voting is only the beginning. Who will continue the campaign for public policies that promote life, dignity, justice, and peace? Who will grow God's kingdom by advocating for the powerless, poor, sick, hungry, oppressed, or exploited?

Our bishops urge us to live our values by running for office, working to transform political parties, communicating our concerns to public officials, joining advocacy networks and community organizations, and working tirelessly to build a better world. (Faithful Citizenship, ยงยง 14, 16). We must labor in the political vineyards to assure a just and compassionate harvest!