Peace & Justice

This is the blog of the Commission on Peace and Justice for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Building Peace with Justice

Building Peace with Justice is a brief, weekly bulletin reflection written by members of a Public Policy sub-committee in the diocese of Rocheseter that links the Sunday readings to Catholic social teaching. Many parishes publish them as space allows.

For Sunday Bulletins on July 29
It was the custom for a Jewish rabbi or teacher to teach his followers a simple prayer they could regularly use. Jesus’ disciples, make a similar request of their rabbi. Then, Jesus does more than they ask, he teaches them what to pray for, how to pray and what results they can expect from their prayer. And unlike the man in the gospel story, God does not need to be persuaded to give us what we need. God may not always give us what we want when we pray, because our wants can be self-centered. The way we pray and what we ask for reveals our relationship with God, with God’s people, and with our world.

Reflection: Take some time to discover who is at the center of your prayer. Is it God and the needs of our world, or is it you and your wants?

For Sunday Bulletins on August 5
The brothers in today’s Gospel are fighting over their inheritance – most likely the land. This conflict prompts Jesus to point out the danger of greed and in the parable that follows, God calls the greedy landowner a fool. Jesus’ message is very blunt – greed and discipleship do not go together. In our day, greed and conflict over the land are very real issues that prevent us from living in peace.

Reflection: How does the desire to have more than we need erode our sense of community?