Peace & Justice

This is the blog of the Commission on Peace and Justice for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York.

Monday, June 25, 2007


We want to make you aware of a retreat at the Spiritual Life Center in Greenwich, New York on July 26-29.
ReMembering is awakening to the presence of God that abides within us.

ReMembering is welcoming all of ourselves—Body Mind Soul Spirit, even our Shadow, so as to attune to the longings of our deep heart, to the dream we came with.

In ReMembering the Divine Indwelling, we are moved to love God and to serve others as never before, to become co-creators of the kingdom of God—starting right here, right now.

Throughout this retreat—and an optional year of follow-up workshop/retreats and support, we will share integrated practices for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Our approach is based upon our collective 200+years of education, training and teaching experience in disciplines, ranging from yoga, Pilates and weight lifting, to martial arts, holistic nutrition, psychotherapy and shadow work, music and chant, centering prayer and contemplative living.

We trust that this retreat will initiate the adventure of a lifetime. Our intent is that you will come to the heartfelt experience that with a deepening “yes “ to God’s presence and action in your live, new possibilities open—possibilities which, graced with Holy Daring, lead to the transformation of body, mind, soul and spirit—and our world.

We do not claim to be gurus, but fellow travelers. And we invite you to join us on pilgrimage to the Heart of Love.

You can learn more here.