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Monday, February 26, 2007


Catholic Relief Services
, the official international relief and development organization of the US Catholic Community, is asking Catholics to urge their Congressional representatives to enact comprehensive immigration reform this year.
WHY THIS ISSUE IS IMPORTANT: Last year, efforts in Congress to enact immigration legislation failed despite huge public demonstrations on both sides of the immigration debate. Immigration reform is high on the new Congress’ agenda and President Bush has repeated his strong support for enactment of comprehensive immigration reform this year. We expect the Senate to begin their work on immigration reform in the coming weeks.

Pro-comprehensive immigration reform advocates agree that the opportunity to enact comprehensive immigration reform is now until the summer, before presidential election politics could derail efforts for several years. We have also repeatedly heard from Congressional offices that the pro-comprehensive immigration reform message has been overshadowed by those who want to restrict immigration. If we want positive changes, the time for action is now!

: Our faith teaches us to uphold the dignity of every person and to act in solidarity with our brothers and sister around the world, especially the poor. As an expression of these Catholic social teachings, CRS serves displaced people, refugees, migrants and victims of human trafficking worldwide, daily confronting the suffering and exploitation of migrants and families separated across borders often for years. CRS also works with the Catholic Church throughout the world to create economic opportunities so that people are not forced to migrate.

To learn more, and to contact your Congressional representatives, click here. Catholic Relief Services' advocacy efforts flow from the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, especially the call to protect the dignity of people, uphold rights and responsibilities, safeguard the common good and to act in solidarity with people in poverty.