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Monday, February 26, 2007

Building Peace with Justice

The Diocese of Rochester offers Building Peace with Justice, a brief, weekly bulletin reflection written by members of a Public Policy sub-committee that links the Sunday readings to Catholic social teaching. Many parishes publish them as space allows.
For Sunday Bulletins on March 4, 2007

In today's second reading St. Paul cautions the Philippians against those who make"their God * their stomach." With those strong words we are reminded that "eating is a moral act." We know that what and how much we eat affects our health. Today, we are also concerned about the safety and quality of our food. But as moral "eaters" we are also urged by the National Catholic Rural Life Conference to be concerned about:

* whether the environment is harmed in the production of our food;
* how animals are treated, and,
* whether farmers and farm workers are paid a just wage.

Lenten Reflection: Does my Lenten fasting and abstinence help me be more attentive to the moral treatment of the earth, animals, and farmers who produce the food I enjoy?