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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hunger Action

The folks at Hunger Action are making a push to get their agenda included in Governor-elect Spitzer's 2007-08 State of the State address and state budget proposals.

Toward that end, they have prepared holiday post cards to be sent to Mr. Spitzer on the themes of emergency food (HPNAP), universal health care, and a higher welfare grant.

Please contact Mark Dunlea if you would like postcards to hand out at your program in the next few weeks -- at community meetings, in food bags and holiday baskets, mailings, church / temple services, union halls, etc. The cards are 4 by 6.25 inches. Minimum order: 20.

The text is below. There will also be a drawing from our Children's Anti-Hunger Poster Project on the front side.


Mark Dunlea
dunleamark@aol. com
518 434-7371, ext 1#
------------ --------- ---------
Front side:

Seasons Greetings:
End hunger and poverty

Drawing with words: Imagine it was your own bowl left empty

More Funds for Emergency Food
Health Care for All
Raise the Welfare Grant

side 2

Dear Governor Elect Spitzer:

Too many New Yorkers go hungry. Please increase funding for emergency food (HPNAP) by $9.4 million. Enact a Food Policy Council. Expedite Food Stamps

Welfare benefits have not been raised since 1990. We must do more to help raise these families out of poverty. All the other democracies in the world have health care for all. It is time for NY to do the same.

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Address __________________